Simple Book of Mormon Geography Equation

Traditional “Mormon Culture” Book of Mormon maps show the City of Nephi and the City of Zarahemla in Guatemala, and the Land Desolation and the Hill Cumorah in southern Mexico.

I have read MANY apostles and prophets specifically stating that the Hill Cumorah in New York, where Moroni buried the plates that Joseph Smith uncovered, is the same hill where the last battles of both the Nephites and the Jaredites took place.  So placing the Hill Cumorah in southern Mexico, as the map above shows, seems very incorrect.

I believe this is an effort to make sense of Limhi’s Rescue Party.  This is the equation part!

IF The City of Nephi is in Guatemala and the Hill Cumorah is in New York, close to the Land of Desolation where the Jaredites were destroyed,

THEN Limhi’s Rescue Party would have traveled over 3200 miles, and taken perhaps from 150 days to over a year, to enlist aid from a city, Zarahemla, that they knew was around 20 to 40 days away. They ended up discovering the Jaredite destruction, found the 24 plate record, and returned to the City of Nephi.  There is no mention of encountering ANY other living civilizations.

ADDITIONALLY, the Hopewell Culture existed in the eastern US from around 300 BC to 400 AD.  Limhi’s Rescue Party was around 125? BC, so would have traveled all thru the many Hopewell cities and villages as they made their way to the New York area, at or near the Land of Desolation.

HOWEVER, if the City of Nephi and the City of Zarahemla are both up in North America, then that would mean that the Nephites WERE the Hopewell.


    • This theory is interesting. However, this theory places the Hill Cumorah down in South America despite the MANY statements from several prophets and apostles who all very specifically locate the Hill Cumorah of the Book of Mormon in New York.


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