Christ in America?  Where?

In 2014 the Church produced the film Scriptures Legacy.
You can watch it right on the website:
If you have not watched it, make time, it is excellent!

The scene in the picture above really caught me off guard.  A Mound Builder setting?
This was not what I expected.

This is what I expected:

Popular painting by Arnold Friberg.

Or maybe this:Painted by John Walter Scott in 1969 titled “Jesus Christ Visits the Americas”.
The original is in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, and is a massive canvas of 47” x 121”.
This is traditional.  This is what I had always seen.
I have always loved this painting.  This painting is in the foyer of our ward building in Monett.

These scenes of Christ in America are entirely different.
The scene from Scriptures Legacy depicts a Mound Builder setting in North America.
The scene from the Scott painting depicts a Mayan-ish setting in Central America.

The only complete, identifiable structure in the scene above is the Mayan temple in the background.

This structure is unmistakably the Mayan pyramid El Castillo at Chichen Itza, Mexico.
Except this structure wasn’t there in 34 AD, it was built sometime between 600 – 900 AD.

In the scene from the Scriptures Legacy video, they used a digital recreation of the ancient city of Cahokia, which is in western Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from Saint Louis.  Last Summer I took my family to visit this ancient site. The main attraction is the large central mound or pyramid, they called Monks Mound, the base of which is about 17 acres, making it a larger footprint than the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico.  It’s not quite as tall, but the climb to the top, in 100-degree weather was brutal! This city, however, was also not around in 34 AD. The city of Cahokia was at it’s largest around 1000 AD although it may have existed much smaller for many previous centuries.

Modern aerial view of Monks Mound.

So where DID Christ appear to the Nephites?
At the Temple in Bountiful?
But where was Bountiful?

Every map of any proposed Book of Mormon geography places Bountiful next to the Land Desolation, where the Jaredites were destroyed, which would be at or near the Hill Cumorah, or Hill Ramah as the Jaredites called it, the one in New York!
So by proximity, the location for Bountiful would be the Ohio area.

Christ also appeared at another Temple in Ohio, the one in Kirtland!

Joshua and I saw some amazing earthworks in Ohio. We will post quite a bit more about the things we saw there.

I found a different scene, this one painted by popular artist David Lindsley.
Left was painted in 1983, “Behold Your Little Ones”.  Notice the Mayan pyramid?
Right is his recent redo.  
Notice the North American, Ohio-ish, Mound Builder setting?

Does anyone else find this unexpected?  Are “Mormon Culture” traditions changing?


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