This place absolutely fascinated me!  

The Newark Earthworks comprises almost half the town of Newark, OH. It is really hard to comprehend the enormous size of this structure until you stand gazing at it.  The Great Circle is readily accessible, with even a small visitors center and museum near the entrance.  On the other side of town is another Great Circle with an Octagon connected to it by a narrow walkway.  These two structures are currently occupied by the Mound Builders Country Club and the grounds are only accessible a few times each year.  However, we learned while we were there, that this site, along with all the other sites in Ohio that we visited, have just received UNESCO World Heritage Site status and the golf club’s lease will be ended and all these sites will undergo a 20-year renovation project.

Aerial photo of Octagon Earthworks

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This Newark Earthwork was built by the Hopewell who lived in the area from 100 BC to 400 AD.  The exact date this earthwork was built is still undetermined.  The math, geometry, engineering, and endless man hours involved in the creation of this structure is astounding!

The combination of the square and circle represents the fusion of heaven and earth, and ‘squaring the circle’ is regarded as the pinnacle of the sacred geometric art. This means producing a circle overlaying a square such that either the circumference of the circle equals the perimeter of the square or the area of the circle equals that of the square.” – A Sacred Geometry Prime, Graham Gardner

When Joshua and I walked through the single entryway of the Great Circle, with the high bank walls surrounding the enclosure it became obvious this had been a place of worship.  It felt sacred, like temple grounds. From outside the structure, you could not see inside, and from inside you could not see out. But the size… 4 football fields! What did they do in this place! In the center of the circle, there is a series of small connecting mounds they call the Eagle Mound, so-called because if you use your imagination, it might look like an eagle in flight? There is a large tree atop the mound which provided shade so Joshua and I sat.  Then we both pulled our phones and started reading the Book of Mormon.
This place was sacred!

If the area of Ohio is the land Bountiful, then this earthwork is near the place where Christ appeared to the Nephites.  This site would have been used by the people that lived for over 200 years in a perfect “Christian” society.  The square and circle, heaven and earth, reminded me of the LDS Temples.  looking at this very large earthwork, with the connecting roads or walkways, allowed me to imagine people walking from one circle or “earth” to another square or “heaven”.   It sure reminded me of the experience of being in the Salt Lake City Temple where you go from the “Creation Room” to the “Garden Room” to the “World Room” to the “Terrestrial Room” to the “Celestial Room”.

Then I found this picture.Image from

“This is a four square mile series of geometric embankments making this the largest temple complex on earth…even today!”

What else might we expect from a perfect society that Jesus Christ Himself established in the Americas almost 2000 years ago?


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