Who are the Mound Rovers?

        Scott and I conceived of this blog while on a trip to Ohio roving over the mounds of the ancient Hopewell and Adena civilizations. While teaching seminary for 2 years Scott was introduced to the Heartland Model popularized by men such as Bruce Porter, Rod Meldrum, and Wayne May. Everything started clicking for him and making sense. As he began sharing what he had learned with me I found my self-going through the same journey he did. Being introduced to a concept, researching it thoroughly, and then having my curiosity stoked by a new concept that was touched on. We found ourselves collecting a large number of documents, source materials, and links to videos during the research phase. While there are so many well-written books, videos, and other blogs, many by the aforementioned men, I kept going back to sites like Wikipedia as a starting place to find information about a new location I read about or an artifact someone mentioned. The problem we quickly realized is that Wikipedia doesn’t nearly do justice to these locations, events, and artifacts. Sometimes even leaving out newer research that has been done in favor of overly critical skeptic sources. I found myself looking into archeology periodicals, university thesis papers, and yes actually visiting these sites and talking to experts that work there. (We had a really cool conversation with a geologist working out of serpents mound about the decay rate of bodies in different areas of the united states, more on that in a later post). In short, we felt compelled, maybe even inspired, to share the information we had collected and most importantly do it in a way that was well organized, well formatted, and easy to search. Hopefully saving someone else hours of time digging for this same information. Thank you for stopping by Mound Rovers and we hope you’ll keep coming back.

– Josh Willis

Josh Willis
Writer & Documentarian I'm a Software Engineer but I've had a love for ancient world history going back to a high school coach who made history come alive in every class. In college, I took history electives every chance I could. I have extensive experience working with data processing and digital imaging. There is a history in the ground and I have become obsessed with telling it!
Scott Willis
Researcher, Writer, & Expedition Planner I am a software engineer by trade, a dad by priority (14 children), and a Book of Mormon "Groupie" by passion! Studying the Book of Mormon is like Panning for Gold!
Julia Sanders
Researcher & Writter I am a writer and illustrator of sorts. I am a returned missionary and a BYU-Idaho graduate. My degree is in English, Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I am passionate about the Book of Mormon and am becoming increasingly obsessed with all the literary structures contained within its pages and every hint at its true geography.
Mike Compton
Drone Pilot & Videographer I am a software engineer with a background in the aerospace industry and a love for flying. I am a husband (with a very supportive wife 😃) and father of 7. I have developed a passion for discovering the lost histories of ancient America and getting to play with all the modern technology is definitely a perk!